7 BEST Moments from ‘Taki Taki’ Video with Selena Gomez, Cardi B, Ozuna & DJ Snake

Neffex - Trapped in a Nightmare
Neffex - Trapped in a Nightmare
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This Latin explosion of a song dropped on us about 2 weeks ago and all of us were like, whaaaat??? This is crazy hot! So hot that we’re counting down the 7 best moments.

Let’s start with…. #1, this all red look. So hot, so fiery, matching sexy red outfits, it couldn’t get more quintessential Latin. Oh wait, yes it could. Check out Sel’s hoops. I am all about this.

I was warned that I can’t say the O word on Clevver, so instead, I’ll call this… an adult cuddle puddle. It’s very reminiscent of Britney’s Slave for You scene with the or- uh, adult cuddle puddle. It’s very hot. And the models were rocking some awesome high ponies and braids.

At #3…

Can we please talk about how cute these two are together. They make my Latina pride skyrocket.

Speaking of Latin vibes, at #4 we haveall the looks Cardi’s serving us as she’s feeling herself during her Spanish lyrics. The seductive dancing. The tongue. I counted the number of times she sticks out her tongue. There’s a mesmerizing total of 6 tongue cameos! That thing needs its own Instagram account.

So does DJ Snake’s hand signs at #5. I can’t tell if he’s asking us to calling him, but if so. YES. DM your digits and we’re on it, dude.

At #6 check out Selena in this lime green outfit giving us belly dancer moves that she’s resurrected from her Come and Get It Billboards Performance from 2013. Vintage Selena at her finest.

Selena singing in Spanish. I have no words. I mean, just when I thought she couldn’t get hotter. What do yall think were your favorite moments? How do you feel about these 4 Latino powerhouses collaborating? Do you want more? Me too. Speak your mind below then directly by following me on Twitter @Miriamisa and IG @Miriam_isa then click here for even more videos by Clevver. Yall are the best. Thanks for all the love and for hanging with me until the end of this video! I’m Miriam Isa. See you soon!

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