ANXIETY SIMULATOR?! | Anxiety Attack

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Hey guys, welcome back to another video! Today SkyVsGaming is playing Anxiety Attacks, a game which simulates what it’s like to have an anxiety attack! Well really it’s less of a game and more of an interactive experience to spread awareness about anxiety, so if you suffer from depression or anxiety or panic attacks, you may not want to watch. Sky nervously hops into the game, and he’s scared to learn about the controls to keep his breathing steady. He sets off to find the ten peace zones in the woods, and he muses that the game is like Slender, but anxious. Just as Sky is starting to get a little comfortable, he stumbles into a dark spot that throws a panic attack at him – colors get vivid and his vision gets clouded while the breathing gets quicker and harder to control. Sky gets it back together, and despite the panic attack, he admires the beauty of the game. He’s now found nine of the ten peace zones, but the final one is the hardest to find. Or it’s supposed to be, anyway – Sky finds it right away, but as it turns out, things just go downhill from here. He’s out of safe zones and easy coping, and now he has to get to the root of the problem now and escape the forest. Sky makes it into a field and, just as he starts raving about the concept and how much he loves it, he’s thrown into another intense panic attack. Sky is starting to get it back under control, but he runs into another dark spot and his vision tunnels again. Sky tries and tries but he just can’t get out of it, and it prompts Sky to talk about his own anxiety. Just as he’s approaching the sun and emerging from the woods, he has his strangest panic attack yet, and when he gets out of it he finds himself back in the forest. He tries again, and this time he makes it to the end of the path and wins the game, which then gives us some advice about anxiety. That’s it for Anxiety Attacks – thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!
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