Demi Lovato's Mom BREAKS SILENCE on Demi's Health & Recovery

Neffex - Trapped in a Nightmare
Neffex - Trapped in a Nightmare
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Demi Lovato’s mom opens up for the first time after the singer’s overdose.

Demi’s mom, Dianna De La Garza gives fans a positive update on her recovery.

It’s been almost two months since the horrifying incident occurred and with not many updates except that Demi is in rehab, fans finally got the update they have been anxiously waiting for.

With her daughter’s permission, Demi Lovato’s mom talked with Newsmax TV and recounted how serious the life-or-death incident was.

She said her heart dropped after she started receiving texts messages from people saying, QUOTE “I’m praying for Demi”.
She soon received the phone call from a distraught assistant that broke the news to her that her daughter had overdosed.
While the first 48 hours were critical, Demi’s mom said she is extremely thankful for the outpour of prayers and the amazing team of doctors at Cedar Sinai who saved her daughter’s life.

De La Garza also reiterated that Demi is in good spirits and in the process of rehabilitation.


She went on to say, "That, in itself, encourages me about her future and the future of our family.”

Although It must have been heartbreaking for her mom to do this interview, It’s probably what Demi wanted and we are so happy to hear that she is doing so much better. Make sure to continue sending the star and her family your best wishes and you can click right over here for more. I’m your host, Renee Ariel don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see ya next time!

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