Disney World Announces NEW 'Beauty & The Beast' Desserts

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Disney’s desserts are legendary to say the least. You can pretty much get anything your heart desires and you can be assured that in addition to being totally tasty - they’ll be photogenic AF.
Well now one of their most popular desserts has gotten a revamp that we KNOW beauty and the beast fans will go crazy for! The the Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest restaurant in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida has been serving up a dessert called “the grey stuff” since the restaurant has opened its doors back in 2012.
If you’re like “what the heck even is the grey stuff” – it’s basically a dessert from the film brought to life. It’s essentially a cookies and cream panna cotta that’s been whipped into a deliciously creamy dessert. But now the cuteness factor has been upgraded and the dessert is now served in an actual CHIP character cup!
Back in February it was announced on the official Disney parks blog that starting this summer, the “be our guest” restaurant will be introducing a new “enhanced prix fixe menu” during dinner hours. The menu would consist of a three course meal ranging from your choice of appetizer and dinner entree, plus a “personal dessert platter”.
Well get excited because this personal dessert platter comes with the beloved grey stuff served in the new chip character cup and we couldn’t be more excited – because look at how cute this thing is!
A new post on the Disney Parks Blog notes that the platter is made up of a QUOTE, “raspberry macaron with lemon filling and fresh raspberries, a whole Amarena cherry dipped in dark chocolate with a hazelnut topping, and a white chocolate Chip cup with our signature Grey Stuff.”
We’re not sure if you guys caught that last part. The grey stuff is served in a fully EDIBLE cup shaped like the character from the film!
The grey stuff dessert has seen many variations over the last few years. It first popped up for special occasions only and then Disney rolled out what’s known as “the master’s cupcake” which consists of a chocolate cupcake topped with Grey Stuff and some adorable edible pearls.
After the release of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast, the grey stuff made its way over to Disneyland in the form of the “Grey stuff Gateau” dessert, which consists of white chocolate mousse and red velvet cake with a sweet raspberry center”.
However, it’s pretty safe to say that the newest iteration of the grey stuff is by far their cutest yet! The new dinner menu, including the dessert trio featuring the new and improved grey stuff dessert, will be arriving at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom on July 27, 2018.
But we have to warn you, the restaurant is EXTREMELY popular so we recommend making reservations well in advance of your trip to the happiest place on earth!
Now I want to turn it over to you guys. Do you like the update to the “grey stuff” dessert? Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to see check out trader Joe’s new TWO BUCK CHUCK rosé!

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