Famous Dex - "No Reason" | Shot by @lakafilms


Lyrics No reason

Dexter, Dexter
30K right on my wrist, 30K right on my wrist
Know what I'm saying, wave bros sh*t, ya dig
Dexter, wait look huhhh.(no reason)

Look at my watch can you see a new freezer
I turn your b*tch to a eater, huh
b*tch I be fly like peter, huh
Paying no mile like a meter, huh
Trappin' so hard yeah I ball for no reason
Yeezy's just get me the season, huh
b*tches be laugh for no reason
I be so high for no reason.

B*tches they laugh for no reason, I f*ck on you either
My squad mistreat her, huh
Riding round in a Beamer, huh
Count the racks up like Serena
Two b*tches no Easter, I swerving' through coke like it's legal
We know it's illegal, huh
All [.. eagle, huh versuri-lyrics.info
Make them burdens like the Beatles, yeah
I f*ck that b*tch I don't need her, huh
I'll f*ck that b*tch when I meet her, huh
Wait, that b*tch she a eater, huh
New ice yeah it's freezer, what, huh
I'm broke in the days, yeah
I was broke in the days, yeah
Now I turn up on the stage
I get the money, I swear I be paid, yeah
Hmmm, yeah, f*ck you lil b*tch pull up

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