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⚡️Ahh what, I can't see! This track is blinding my vision ????

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???? Lyrics: Harrison - Blinding My Vision

Can you feel it here tonight
They're all here for you
Why you so confused
Are you feeling butterflies
Again my friend
You've done this a thousand times
Still feels like it's the first
Why's it getting worse
Like an angel in disguise
Again hold my hand

I'm getting so tired of running
Time is counting down
I'm so lost up in the moment
But I know I'm found
They don't think I realize
There isn't no way out
From who I am
Who I am

Sparks blinding my vision

Sparks blinding my vision

Sparks blinding my vision

It's like zero to a Hundred Hundred
Hundred Hundred Thousand
In my mind alone and I can see
I am surrounded
Everybody tells you the old you
Was better sounding
It's a long old journey back
It’s miles that I've been counting
Cause I hoped that God had got a bigger plan
I don't even know why this is happening
Maybe you can help me if you understand
Counting all my blessings
Till it goes again

Coz Sparks blinding my vision

Sparks blinding my vision

Sparks blinding my vision
Ooh ohh

Sparks blinding my vision
Ooh ohh

You’re blinding my
You’re blinding my yeah
You’re blinding my
You’re blinding my vision

Sparks blinding my vision
Sparks blinding my vision

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