Harry Styles RUMORED To Star In 'Little Mermaid' Live Action!

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Harry Styles is heavily rumored to play Prince Eric in Disney’s upcoming live action remake of the classic Little Mermaid, and fans literally can’t contain their flippers.

What’s up guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr. back here on Clevver News, and I don’t wanna say I called it, but I basically called it from the get-go that Harry Styles has always been some semblance of royalty, because really… those pipes, that hair, that accent? Come on.

Anyway, Disney might’ve just confirmed my theory because word in the industry is that Harry is in talks to play Prince Eric in the live-action adaptation of Little Mermaid… you know, the dude who basically rescues Ariel and isn’t at all alarmed that she has no motor or vocabulary skills at the ripe age of like, 16.

News of this rumor comes just days after he was in the running to play Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming drama, but lost the role to Austin Butler.

Naturally, any chance to catch a glimpse of Harry Styles, fans will surely freak as they have already expressed their emotion via social media… and mind you, this is to an extreme extent.

One fan wrote, “If Harry Styles plays Prince Eric I will see the little mermaid 50 times and die.”

Please don’t do the latter, but to each their own. Another fan wrote, “If Harry Styles plays Prince Eric then I have no choice but to sell my soul to him.” I mean, same.

Other fans clearly had little to no words following what they’d just read, as one summed it up quite perfectly, by writing, “I can’t breathe.”


Thankfully, if Harry IS cast as the hottie Disney prince, he’ll be backed by a star-studded cast, including R&B singer Halle Bailey as Ariel, Jacob Tremblay and Awkwafina, who will play Flounder and Scuttle respectively, and possibly even Melissa McCarthy, who is rumored to play Ursula.

And on top of all that, Lin-Manuel Miranda will be producing and writing new music, which you know it’s about to GO OFF.
Although I totally just got your hopes up completely, this IS just a rumor, but if we wish and comment hard enough, hey, you might just put it out there into the universe. So let me know all your thoughts on Harry playing Prince Eric, or who you’d like to see crush the role.

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