Jake Paul's Team 10 KICKED OUT Trans Women From Party!

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Two transgender women were kicked out of the Team 10 house last week and now Jake Paul and his team are under fire.

Hey guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr here with Clevver News and a new video is making its rounds around the internet of Lilah Gibney and Kendall Olivia being told to leave the house.

The two Youtubers went home to release a video retelling of their experience at the Team 10 house.

SOT what we just experienced needs to be talked about because it’s something trans people deal with literally every day.

They say that they were told that they were not “real girls” and were asked to leave the party almost immediately after they arrived.

Lilah managed to get some footage of Blaine, an editor for Team 10, saying that he isn’t trying to be disrespectful while at the same time struggling to call the two women “girls”

After the video was uploaded, managers from Team 10 reportedly sent Lilah text messages threatening to sue her. Immediately, other people in the Youtube world came to Lilah and Kendall’s defense. Elijah Daniel even offered to pay the lawyer fees. He said

“On behalf of Lilah Gibney, please team 10 send her another threatening lawsuit text message. Please. Ill pay the lawyer fees.”

The next day he continued “Yall big and tough when you going at young trans girls but go silent when I get involved. Yall nothing but old f*** ners who take pics in your clients lambos so your friends back home think you’re cool. Go start a 401K or some s***.”

Well, “go start a 401K or some s***” is definitely going to be my insult of choice from now on.

But anyway, Team 10 sent out a statement saying that they “continuously embraced the LGBTQ community” and have “launched a full internal investigation into the matter”.

Lilah responded saying “What is there to investigate? Video proof is usually enough”

So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below what you think Team 10 could do to remedy the situation. Do you think they really embrace the LGBT community?

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