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THANK the booty gods above because JLo survived yet another wardrobe malfunction, this time directly on her derriere, but hey, with an ass like that, I don’t blame her booty for wanting to roam free!

So here’s a whole new meaning to the term “rear END.” Last weekend at the END of Jennifer’s show just before she left the stage, she took a bow, and completely split the seam of her custom-made Michael Costello sequin body suit. Luckily nobody facing her caught her gluteus gash, however TMZ obtained footage from behind her as she gave quite the encore…

Her famous fanny managed to escape captivity for a hot sec revealing an ounce of partial nudity, BUT in JLo’s defense, she never mentioned this was a kid-friendly show. And speaking of kids, JLo’s twin daughter and son were in the audience along with her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, who was having the time of her life dancing the night away with The Today Show’s Hoda Kotb.

Hoda gushed about the event, saying QUOTE, “J.Lo's mom was next to me, and she was dancing during the show. When there was a risqué part, the grandma, J. Lo's mom, took the babies, took the kids, and put their heads, like, to her chest so that the kids weren't watching what was going on."

I don’t know why but I have a deep appreciation for a wardrobe malfunction. Especially if it means we get a closer look at Jlo’s ass. Is that creepy? Am I being creepy or do you feel me on that? Let me know either way below or tweet me @Miriamisa and if you’re not following me on Instagram then lts be insta friends, @Miriam_isa cuz someone in Lebanon stole my handle. Also, guess what! It’s been 15 years since Save the Last Dance, since Beyonce dropped destiny’s child, and since 9/11! So click here for a full and shocking rundown on all the things that turn 15 years old in 2016. I’m Miriam Isa, and remember friends: Crack Kills.

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