Shawn Mendes Fans DEFEND Him After Being Swarmed at Airport

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Shawn Mendes’ fans aren't happy after an upsetting new airport video surfaces of him being swarmed by fans.

Shawn Mendes has a great relationship with his fans - but a video has just emerged which shows Shawn clearly anxious and feeling uncomfortable with fans asking him for more pictures while trying to walk to his car.

According to Twitter fan Nicole (@Nicole_mdr_), Shawn previously stopped to greet fans beforehand and was more than happy to take pictures with all of them. However, eventually things became too much for him as more people started to crowd around and take photos. She captioned the video of Shawn and everything unfolding with, QUOTE:

“for people who weren’t there yesterday and are very confused on what happened.... just take a look at shawns facial expressions and his words and overall how stressed and anxious he was getting. @ShawnMendes”
She then followed up on her tweet by saying, QUOTE:
“hii!! i just wanted to say, this wasn’t what he was like the whole time. at first he seemed happy & maybe a little tired but he was fine with taking pics with ppl but closer to the end (this vid) his driver said they had to go, thats when a lot of regulars & new fans mobbed him :(“
In the video, Shawn tells fans, "The car's gonna leave if I don't take a photo now". When he spots a familiar face, Shawn explains, "I'm a little stressed" before declining an offer of help to get through the crowd by saying, “ No, I’m Ok”, take a look:
TOSS to Video: (link to tweet from @nicole_mdr_)
(Video at 0.00-0.15 sec)

Shawn can be seen visibly stressed by being asked for more pictures and hugs while attempting to get to his car. Shawn is then heard saying, "you guys aren't listening. I'm not gonna be able to get home…," before the video cuts off:
TOSS to Video: (link to tweet from @nicole_mdr_)
(Video at 0.15-0.23 sec)
When the video surfaced, many other fans were upset to see Shawn this way and spoke out about how important it is to make sure Shawn has the space he needs and that his love for his fans isn’t taken advantage of.
Twitter fan @Virilovesshawn wrote, QUOTE:
“I just don’t really understand why did you do this with him. He NEEDED space and wanted to go home ,he was stressed and anxious and you kept taking pics with him like he is not a human being. I’m really mad rn. @Shawnmendes doesn’t deserve this. I love you.”

(Link to tweet:
And another Twitter fan @mutual_nervous also wrote, QUOTE:
“He hadn’t been home in WEEKS and how do we all know he didn’t have plans with his family or friends and he said it himself and people STILL disrespected him...they need to let him
BREATHE or he won’t be able to meet up with us the way he likes anymore bc it’s his safety yk?”

(Link to tweet:
Fans being worried for Shawn’s wellbeing isn’t unwarranted. Shawn has previously opened up about his anxiety, especially after he released his single "In My Blood."
He told ‘The Sun’ newspaper, QUOTE "Make something as serious as anxiety tangible where everybody can listen to it and either connect with it or understand it…Sometimes it lasts two hours, sometimes it lasts a day and sometimes it lasts five minutes. The point of the song is that no matter how long that lasts, you can come out the other end stronger and you come out of the other end always."

While it was awesome to see Shawn stop and take pictures with his fans, hopefully this video surfacing will mean fans might give him more space the next time he’s spotted in public, especially when he expresses that he needs to go.

What are your thoughts on Shawn being swarmed by fans at the airport? Although fans wouldn’t have realized it or meant it at the time, do you think they were out of line? And do you worry about Shawn’s anxiety getting to him in public? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below. Then when you’re done with that, click right over here to watch another new video.
Thanks for hanging with me on Clevver Newsfeed, I’m your girl Sussan Mourad and I’ll catch you next time!

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