Taylor Swift FACETIMES School Shooting Survivor Who Was Shot 7 Times

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Taylor Swift is notorious for going out of her way to connect with her fans. Sometimes she pops up at their weddings and other times she surprises them with Swiftmas gifts in the mail around the holidays. Well, this time, Tay facetimed a very special 13 year old girl.
Ella Whistler is a survivor of the Noblesville West Middle School shooting that happened just under three months ago in Indiana. Ella was shot 7 times during the horrific event. Miraculously, she not only survived, but is recovering and ready to go back to school. However shortly after the shooting Taylor Swift got wind of her story and wanted to reach out.
While Ella was in the hospital, she received a very special facetime from none other than Taylor Swift. Ella spoke of the facetime on The 95.5 WFMS Morning show , saying QUOTE “She just said that she was really thinking about me, and we talked about her cats too,”
Ella continued on to say “it was pretty great.” We can only imagine.
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