Taylor Swift REFUSES To Speak To Scooter Braun To Resolve Feud!

Neffex - Trapped in a Nightmare
Neffex - Trapped in a Nightmare
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Following Scooter Braun’s public torching ceremony a la Taylor Swift, new reports claim she’s decided to take the road less communicated and refuses to hear him out.

What’s up guys, it’s Emile back here on Clevver News, and I’m here to report that there have been no updates in the Taylor vs. Scooter showdown as she refuses to make any sort of contact and solve any issues, so here’s to my future children, come the year 2035, reveling in this atrocity in future history books to come.

Honestly though, have we not learned from the altercation of the decade AKA Katy Perry vs. T-Swift that went on since I was like, 12? Clearly an olive branch won’t mend things this time around, because apparently the best way to get revenge after one signs a deal that acquires all of your masters you’ve ever made, is to take to Tumblr.

Taylor’s shocking post circulated the interwebs Sunday afternoon, and after many celebs began taking sides, she has still yet to respond or reach out to Scooter to address any concerns whatsoever.

Since the post went public, Scooter has allegedly attempted to take all the necessary steps to reach out and try to mend what was literally hanging by a thread of their friendship. Media outlet The Blast reported QUOTE, “Scooter reached out through mutual friends Monday morning to engage in a ‘mature and private’ phone call with Swift.”

Sources close to the deal also stated that Scooter wanted to discuss the reason he chose to purchase her masters in the first place, which was because he “believes in her music and in her future.” But Taylor, being the queen of all the pettiness (in the best way possible, Swifties, DUH, plz don’t come for me), allegedly denied his request to hash things out.

After Tay’s previous Big Machine label head Scott Borchetta backed Scooter, claiming that she was notified of this deal and given the opportunity to purchase her music back, her attorney has recently spoken out, stating that Scott “never gave Taylor Swift an opportunity to purchase her masters, or the label, outright with a check in the way he is now apparently doing for others.”

Although Scott, in turn, claimed that his offer to Taylor was, “extraordinary,” it was apparently all he could offer as he is responsible for a gazillion other artists’ careers and over 120 executives. Welppp, there are clearly two sides to this story, so right now sounds like the perfect time to turn it over to you guys -- Can this issue be solved over one simple conversation, or has the damage officially been transported to next year’s TS8? Get to talking in the comments below.

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