Would you eat insects to save the planet?

Would you eat insects to save the planet? BBC Radio 1's Adele Roberts takes on a 7 day bug eating challenge to see if the UK's grubby new food trend will catch on.

Forget clean eating – the new food trend on the UK’s plates is grubby. Packed with protein and easy to farm sustainably, eating insects is starting to become more popular in the UK, with supermarkets selling edible insects for the first time. But can Adele put her morals where her mouth are and eat bugs every day for a week?

Along the way she meets Cambridge University zoologist Charlotte Payne, who explains the environmental problems with the way we farm meat and how insects might solve these problems.

Inspired by the environmental benefits, can Adele get over her squeamishness and start cooking? With grasshoppers and scrambled eggs, cricket and mealworm pasta, and cricket powder truffles on the menu, can they ever taste good? Seb Holmes a Thai street food chef who runs an award-winning non-insect-based restaurant and has helped develop insect products for the high street, steps in to help.

Adele travels to Holland to meet the world's largest producer of buffalo worms for human consumption, visiting a futuristic factory with over 8 billion insects and meeting the people pioneering products made from insect ingredients for the mass market.

Finally, can she convince her girlfriend Kate and Radio 1's Scott Mills to join her on her quest?


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