ASK POPPY: Satin & Chenille’s OOTD Fashion Fiasco | TROLLS (NEW SHORTS)

Sounds like Poppy is needed on the runway! A new episode of Ask Poppy comes out next week! Meanwhile, all episodes of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! are now streaming on Netflix!

→ Credits ←
Written by
Garrett Frawley

Directed by
Howie Perry

Storyboard by
Dennis Messner

Executive Producer
Matthew Beans

Supervising Producer
Frank Molieri

Line Producer
Sean Patrick Rielly

Supervising Director
Jim Mortensen

"Fashion Fiasco"

Poppy Amanda Leighton
Satin, Chenille Fryda Wolff

Casting by
Ania O'Hare, CSA
Cymbre Walk Sklar

Casting Consultants
Ruth Lambert
Robert McGee

Voice Director
Katie McWane Diecker

Music Supervisors
Alexandra Nickson
Frank J. Garcia

Music Coordinator
Elliott Ward-Bowen

Story Editors
Garrett Frawley
Brian Turner

Staff Writers
John D'Arco
Gabe Delahaye
Aaron Ho

Script Coordinator
Grant Jossi

Creative Consultant
Dannie Festa

Production Supervisor
Brian Victor Noriega

Production Coordinators
Darlene Chavez
Rebeca B. Delgado
Kara Ramos

Production Assistants
Nate Eisenberg
David Ng

Production Intern
Natalie Plegel

Art Director
Honoré Gauthier

Character Designer BG Designer
Arica Tuesday Gary Montalbano

Visual Development Artists Prop Designer
Chris Aguirre Jeremiah Regan
David A. Cardenas B.
Elena Ceballos Color Stylist
Olivia Ceballos Amber Ren
Ginny Hawes
James Anthony Ramos Clean-Up Artist
Keith Wong Millet Henson

Supervising Timing Director
Randy Ludensky

Timing Director Track Reading
Jungja Kim-Wolf Slightly-Off Track, Inc.

Checker Lip Assignment
Sarah Vidal Rex Faraday

DreamWorks Animation Television CG HUB

Global Visual Effects Supervisor Lead Animation Pipeline TDs
Mio Markovic Christopher Bennett
Benjamin Rhoades

Production HUB Manager Animation Pipeline TDs
Kristin Risinger Alexander R. Corrales
Karl 'Krash' Goldshmidt
Rakesh Ramesh

Production Coordinators
Brandon Chau
Zachary Joel Johnson
Hugo Romaldo

Production Assistants
Ally Sage Digital Animation Supervisor
Jordan Weitzman Ernest Chan

Digital Animators
Florie Duhau
Chris Gottron
D.R. Greenlaw
Hilda Karadsheh
Erica Kepler
Tyler Mele
Patrick Ian Moss

Animatic Editor
Davrick Waltjen

Assistant Animatic Editor
Johnathan Robinson
Matt Van Loon

Storyboard Revisionist
Michelle Thompkins-Lima

Animation Services Provided by
Digital eMation, Inc.

Animation Director Inbetweeners BG Color
Yungsan Park Jinkyung Kim Hyunhee Oh
Malsook Hong
Hyekyung Han
Heejung Jung
Yunhee Choi
Myungsook Kown Color Stylist
Mija Lee Yun-im Lee
Eunkyung Yoo

Key Animation
Insook Kim
Final Checker
Jaegyoem Jung

Layout Artists Ink & Paint
Yongsoo Park Mirye Kim
Sunyung Ham
Moonsun Jang
Kyungmi Park
Yungmi Jung

Model Checker Compositor
Eunmi Kim Eunjung Yang

Production Staff
Scarlet Sookyung Kim
Yongho Park
Mikyung Kim
Seungjae Kim
Agatha Sarim Kim
Ashley Hee-Eun Bae
Sujin Jung

Sound Services Provided by
Advantage Audio

Sound Designer Re-Recording Mixers
Heather Olsen Fil Brown
Melissa Ellis

Foley Artist Foley Mixer
J. Lampinen David Bonilla

Additional Dialogue Editor Digital Audio Transfers
Robbi Smith Gabe Gelbrecht
Rob Pratt

Supervising Picture Editor Post Production Supervisor
Michael William Miles Lauren Slusser

Assistant Editor Post Production Coordinator
Jeff Dirdack Eric Skala

Executive In Charge of Production
Maria Crenna

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