Bella Hadid SHADES Zayn Malik After Breakup With Gigi?

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Fans are pretty sure that Bella Hadid just threw a cryptic dagger Zayn Malik’s way. Turns out Bella may have some thoughts on Zayn’s breakup with Gigi Hadid after two years together. Last week Bella shared a simple shot on Instagram posing in a white tee with patchwork flares. Is she kinda giving the camera side eye? We’re gonna go with yes. But it’s the suspicious caption that has fans thinking she’s holding up a metaphoric umbrella over Zayn. Bella captioned her photo writing, “I’ll be Right here.”

With this caption, fans think Bella is alluding to Zayn’s song with Sia, “Dusk ‘til Dawn.” Lyrics in the song include, “I’ll hold you when things go wrong, I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn, baby I’m right here.” So Bella’s caption and the lyric aren’t EXACTLY the same, but close enough to cause speculation. Is Bella calling Zayn out for not being there for Gigi? Or is Bella saying she’s been there for Gigi, and they’re doing just fine? The other possibility is that fans are totally reaching.

Gigi and Zayn first announced their split last week via individual statements online where they both claimed to still love and respect each other. But things got messy when Zayn unfollowed Gigi and her fam on Instagram. Then Bella returned the favor and unfollowed Zayn back. And now this. Whether Bella’s cryptic shade was intentional or not, things are not looking good between the Hadid’s and Zayn.

Do you think Bella really intended to shade Zayn, or NAH? Tell us below your reaction to Bella’s Insta caption. For more where that came from, check out this vid for Kendall Jenner finally addressing rumors that she’s gay. As always I’m your host Drew Dorsey here at Clevver, thanks for tuning in.

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