Celebs SLAM Donald Trump For Response To Puerto Rico Hurricane Aftermath

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While Texas and Florida are still in recovery from Hurricane Harvey and Irma, they are rebuilding and receiving all the help they need. There is nothing but hope for two of our states.

The most recent hurricane, though, has left more damage than we thought possible. It’s been a little over a week since Hurricane Maria made land fall and left disaster in its wake. Puerto Rico, which is a territory of the United States, is still in complete disaster. The category 5 hurricane was the worst to hit the island in 85 years and has, so far, left 16 people in the country dead and impaired Puerto Rico's infrastructure, leaving millions without power.

Although President Trump approved emergency status for Puerto Rico and said that the area was "absolutely obliterated by Maria," he still hasn't visited the island or truly addressed the devastation. Just yesterday he finally talked, well tweeted, about the situation and was immediately met with backlash and criticism.

In his tweets, President Trump basically said that the reason why Puerto Rico was suffering so much was because of their economic situation. Obviously, people did not react well to the President saying that its Puerto Rico’s fault that their island is completely devastated.

Celebrities immediately began to react, calling him out for his words and non-actions.

John Legend said that Trump’s words are a direct insult to the country while actor Mark Ruffalo connects the President to White Supremacy.

The Atlantic writer, McKay Coppins, even suggested that the President is blaming Puerto Rico for its own misfortune.

Because celebrities aren’t agreeing with how the President is handling the devastation, they’re taking it into their own hands. Some of the biggest names are donating MILLIONS of dollars and educating their followers on how they can help, too.

Jennifer Lopez addressed the travesty along with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo saying ““Lives have been lost. Power is down across the entire island," she said. "More than 15,000 people have been forced into shelters, and the storm has devastated the lives of thousands of others.” The singer also has pledged $1 million from her Las Vegas shows and posted an emotional video on Instagram encouraging others to get informed. She also revealed that she still hasn’t heard from her family in Puerto Rico.

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