Emma Chamberlain DRAGGED For Attending High-End Fashion Shows!

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Emma Chamberlain is living her best life at Paris fashion week, but some jealous jessicas aren’t so happy to see her there flaunting high-end fashion!

What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr. with Clevver News and after attending multiple Louis Vuitton events in Paris last week, people are coming for Emma Chamberlain and saying she doesn’t belong in the world of high fashion

One person said, “The audacity of some people to call Emma Chamberlain a fashion icon when she doesn’t even shower”

and another said “I can’t believe emma chamberlain got to go to fashion week AGAIN and for what??? Having a caffeine addiction and dry ass content?”

But I gotta say, for a girl with no soap she looks good!

and she’s feeling good too

Living her best Parisian life

Playing with tiny bananas

Taking videos with an old fashioned camcorder

And hanging out with Karlie Kloss

Oh, not to mention sitting front row at the Louis Vuitton show.

So I’ve gotta say, I don’t think she’s letting the haters get to her! She looks far too busy

But let’s hear from you guys. What do you think about Emma Chamberlain’s trip to Paris? Does she deserve to be invited to these prestigious fashion events, or should the girl stay in her YouTuber lane and maybe take a shower? Let me know in the comments below.

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