Emma Chamberlain Takes Aaron Hull To Hometown To Meet Parents?!?

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Emma Chamberlain is known for being one of the most relatable Youtube stars out there. So obviously, when she may or may not be involved in a new relationship, the people want to know all about it.Well, good news, guys, because you’re all in luck. What’s up it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and I’m here to tell you all about the possible budding new relationship between Emma Chamberlain and Aaron Hull.They’ve been hanging out more and more lately, although they haven’t made a blatant appearance on each other’s Instagram feeds yet.That’s likely because Emma has said in the past that she values having a private relationship and not sharing every detail to the world. Well, that’s not stopping either one of them from dropping hints left and right, as well as taking photos together with fans.And after this week, it seems like things are really heating up for these two.Just two weeks ago, Emma flew Aaron out to Los Angeles to hang out and take some pics at that famous pink wall you see all over InstagramHe posted about his trip on his tiktok account where you can take a VERY brief look at EmmaDon’t believe that that’s her? Well she posted an instagram story at the wall on the same day.But people still took notice of the little rendezvous. So fast forward two weeks later. Now, Aaron shipped up to San Francisco to spend possibly more time with Emma. Okay okay so they didn’t post together or ever really announce that they were together at all.But there’s plenty of proof that they were actually together during the trip.Let’s take a look:Exhibit A) The matching coffee and matcha cups. The most damning evidence is ALWAYS the coffee and matcha cups.They both posted shots to their social media accounts of the same exact cups with the same exact view.And guys, that’s way too outrageous to be a coincidence.They also posted photos of some buildings in downtown San Francisco that signify that they were in the same place at the same time.Aaron also posted a photo on VSCO of two people’s feet - and people are assuming that one of them belongs to Emma. I mean, they do match the shoes she’s wearing in this picture.Oh! And not to mention, one brave fan actually got a photo of them together. Thanks to this person who is doing the Lord’s work. And take note, Emma is actually FROM San Francisco. So this was likely a “meet the parents” trip.Emma’s dad, who is actually a really great painter, must approve of her daughter’s new possible romance. Because it looks like he gave Aaron the follow.And you know what else I noticed? He actually unfollowed both of The Dolan Twins.And this is hardly the first time that they’ve been throwing hints of their possible romance.

In a past Instagram live that Aaron did, he actually admitted that Emma was his celebrity crush.She was also spotted wearing his sweater that says “Chico State” on it not too long ago.And for a little more cryptic clue, they both posted things on their socials that have these two emojis - leading a lot of people to think that this is their little secret message to each other. Here’s something weird though, Wednesday Aaron was liking tweets that were defending Emma and saying that all she does is mind her own business.

Fans caught on and tweeted about it. One Emma fan account said “look how cute Aaron Hull liking my tweet and supporting emma. amazing energy.”Well, since that happened Wednesday, he seems to have deleted his whole Twitter account.But fans really seem to ship them together.So maybe they’re still in the beginning stages of their relationship. Maybe it’s not that serious after all. We’re not sure, but all the signs point to them potentially dating.But why don’t you tell me what you think. Do you shi Emma and Aaron? Why do you think Emma’s dad followed him and unfollowed the Dolan twins altogether? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

And then make sure you subscribe to Clevver News so we can keep you updated on this and any other relationship news we hear of! I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll catch you later.

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