Emma Stone Gets MISTAKEN for Emma Watson in Hilarious Video

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Emma stone hit the streets of New York week with Billy Eichner, and things got silly.

You know her, you love her for her work in La La Land, Easy A, and of course, Harry Potter. Oh right, Emma stone and Emma Watson are two completely different people. But I guess this New Yorker didn’t get the memo.

CLIP TOSS: https://youtu.be/VZ01n6lJyn8 1:18-1:26 )

Emma has a charming reaction to the young man, and she just.. Well she doesn’t know what to say. I mean that’s how I feel when people think I’m Shawn Mendes. All of this happened on the latest episode of Billy On the Street, where Billy Eichner hits the streets to ask people rapid fire questions about, well, just about anything. This week he was trying to get the folks of New York to try and convince Emma stone that she needs to be on Instagram. And due to all of these quick micro-interviews, we don’t really know if it worked.. But regardless it was definitely entertaining.

CLIP TOSS: https://youtu.be/VZ01n6lJyn8 1:39-1:45)

So the next time you’re in New York, or anywhere for that matter, keep an eye out for a crazy man with a microphone, and mayybe brush up on your movie knowledge a bit. Just in case you run into Emma Watson, I mean Stone. What do you think about Emma Stone not being on Instagram? Would you follow her? Let me know all your thoughts down below in that comment section, and be sure to subscribe right here. I’m your host Tom Plumley, and I’ll see you next time!

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