Ethan Dolan Gets Injured Again After Filming A New Video

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We don’t know much on WHAT the stunt was, but we DO know what it did. Ethan injured his foot during a youtube stunt just 2 weeks after going to the hospital for punching a window. The window stunt left shards of glass in his arm which led to an immediate surgery.

The 17 year old’s left foot appears to be bandaged up and in a walking cast for a broken toe. Whatever it is, it does NOT look fun.

The uninjured twin tweeted on behalf of his brother: “We were just filming another video and ethan got hurt again. We have to go to the hospital now. Nothing serious really I just feel bad.”

Grayson went on to say “I really don’t know why these things keep happening and why we’re being tested so much”.

The interesting thing is, this is all happening after the brothers posted a heartfelt vlog about the state of their mental health with doing these videos and trying to please their fans... and their fans get it! They don’t want two of their favorite youtubers to get seriously injured.

When grayson tweeted about the hospital trip, their awesome fans were still being awesome. They FLOODED Graysons tweets with nothing but love and support for the twins. One fan wrote “maybe it’s a sign that you guys need to stop doing dangerous stuff for your videos! Don’t get me wrong, I love all your videos but I think you should do more calm videos!”

And I have to agree, so this message is for the Dolan twins. Your fans love ya, we love ya, there’s no point to making money on youtube if it’s all going to medical bills. Stay safe ya’ll. Guys thanks for watching clevver news, I’m your host tom plumley. And for more YouTuber news, check out the new!"

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