Gigi Hadid DEBUTING Her New Boyfriend At The VMAs?!?

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There’s a few key signs that a relationship is getting serious. Meeting the parents, moving in together, bringing one another to the VMAs… Wait…what? Okay maybe that last one only applies to Gigi and her new bachelorette bae.

What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here on Clevver News and life moves fast, but you what else does… Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron’s newfound relationship!

So you know Gigi has been casually dating Tyler Cameron for the past few weeks… ever since Hanna B kicked him to the curb!

I mean, they’ve been seen gallivanting all over New York since she first slid into his DMs in late July

She asked him out for drinks and, because he’s a man of opportunity, he flew out to New York to take her up on that offer.

You probably remember when I told you about their almost secret rendezvous at SoHo house in New York

That was the first time that they were officially spotted together

And from there the floodgates of speculation were WIDE open

Next they took a page right out of the Bachelor handbook and went on a date to a bowling alley

And you know how things happen at a bowling alley…You order some sodas, get a strike or two, one thing leads to another, and next thing you know you’re spotted leaving Gigi’s apartment early the next morning

I mean, the two even went on a mini vacation to Lake George together … which is 3 hours outside of the city!

And now Gigi is introducing Tyler to her famous friends – namely, Serena Williams.

They were spotted getting dinner with the tennis superstar in Soho earlier this week.

Some of Gigi’s other friends Cully Smoller and Kendall Visser also joined the new couple for the dinner

So after alllll of this quality time they’ve been spending together, why wouldn’t Gigi bring him to the VMAs? You know… make their red carpet debut!

I mean she definitely has a plus 1 to the event,

Her plus 1 isn’t Bella – she’s got a seat for herself

And it would kind of be crazy for her to invite anybody else!

But you know, Tyler REALLY lucked out – and not just because he’s dating one of the hottest models in the game right now

He’s lucky because he gets to sit next to Lil Nas X at his very first VMAs!

And you just KNOW Lil Nas X is going to have a hell of a night

And Tyler is certainly going to have a good night in between these two.

Because the VMAs are definitely the most fun award show

Besides maybe, like, the kid’s choice awards.

Anyway, I am convinced that Gigi is going to bring Tyler… I mean who else would she bring, her brother? Nope, he’s most likely going with his girlfriend Dua Lipa! Maybe her mom… maaayyybbeee but like Bella may have already called dibs on her!

Even if it is a little early in their relationship, these two aren’t taking things slow by any means!

I’m curious to know what you think about Gigi potentially bringing Tyler as her date. Will she do it? If not Tyler, then who will Gigi bring?? Let me know your guesses in the comment section below.

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