Instagram COMPETES Against YouTube With IGTV Hour-Long Video Feature

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Instagram challenges YouTube with their latest feature, long-form video and IGTV

It’s the battle of the ‘Gram v. the ‘Tube, but who will come out on top?

This week it was announced that Instagram was launching long-form video through their new standalone app, IGTV.

The app allows users to create videos without the 60 second time limit that’s currently in place on Instagram.

Instead, on IGTV, users can create content up to a full 60 minutes!

Creators will also have the option to upload their IGTV vids directly to their Instagram profiles, so yes, long-form videos can be seen on the Instagram app now, thanks to IGTV.

Is it safe to say that YouTube could be facing some serious competition when it comes to mobile video apps?

Getting started with IGTV is pretty simple too. The app logs you in with your current Instagram username and password, and then automatically generates a list of videos for you to watch based on who you’re already following on Instagram

There’s also a section of the app specifically dedicated to what’s trending, so that’s where you’re going to find some seriously viral content.

Plus IGTV knows what’s up because you can even start a video and return to it later under the ‘Continue Watching’ tab

But perhaps the coolest feature is the automatic playback. As soon as you open the app, videos begin to play, and do not stop.

That means you do have an option to skip a vid, but you’ll never have to search for another in it’s place.

And they’re not calling it IG TV for nothing. Similarly to YouTube, creators have a ‘channel,’ so it’s safe to say that we can all expect to see some recurring content on the app very soon….

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Now it’s time for us to kick it over to you guys. Will you tuning in to IGTV? Or perhaps creating your own long-form videos on the app? Let us know in the comments below. And then you can click right here to check out Selena Gomez’ first video on IGTV, a super creepy short film.

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