Kris Jenner FURIOUS With Travis Scott For Not Being There For Kylie?

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Drama has been stirring in the KarJenner household and it’s all reportedly because Travis Scott hasn’t been a doting baby daddy to Kylie Jenner. As you may have heard by now, Kylie is supposedly pregnant with her first child and according to HollywoodLife’s insiders, Travis has been a pretty absent for most of Kylie’s pregnancy.
A source close to the Kardashians revealed to HollywoodLife that Kris is NOT happy with Travis and the way he’s been acting around Kylie and the rest of the family. They said QUOTE, “Kris is furious with Travis over his careless attitude with Kylie. Kris never sees Travis around and when she does see him, Travis does not seem very present or engaged with the family. Kris is unclear about Kylie’s future with Travis, but for now, Kris is extremely disappointed in how Travis is handling the pregnancy. Kris has made it clear to Travis that Kylie deserves more out of him. Kris also let Travis know that she is the boss in the family, she is watching him closely and that he better not hurt her youngest daughter. Kris finished warning Travis by telling him that despite the status of his relationship with Kylie, he best step up and be a more present father when the baby arrives.”
On top of Kris and the rest of Kylie’s family not being super happy with the way Travis has been acting during what is supposed to be a happy time for all, another insider told the outlet that Kylie hasn’t been able to trust Travis. Especially since he hasn’t been around.
They said QUOTE, “She fears the worst when it comes to his loyalty to her. She really has no idea what he is up to when they are not together, which is often.” That’s definitely not something Kylie should have to deal with during this time in her life.
Unfortunately all of this pent up anger on Kylie’s end has reportedly made her lash out at her baby’s daddy. The fight allegedly got so heated that Kylie started to outright accused him of cheating on her. According to Radar Online, an insider revealed that Kylie and Travis got into a HUGE fight after he unexpectedly showed up at Kris’ doorstep.
They said QUOTE, “Kylie and Travis got into a blowout fight after he showed up unexpectedly to her mother Kris’ house, where she’s been staying lately. She flipped out on him and accused him of cheating on her with several women during her pregnancy, including a girl that she is kinda friends with.”
Radar Online’s insider went on to reveal that Travis has been doing everything and anything he can to win Kylie back and to apologize, but that supposedly hasn’t been working because Kylie has reportedly told him to QUOTE “Leave her alone.”
How sad! Hopefully these rumors aren’t true, but what do you guys think of all this? Do you think Kylie is really unhappy with Travis because he hasn’t been around or do you think this is all being blown out of proportion? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to find out why Kim decided to admit that she’s self absorbed! Thanks for hanging with me right here on Clevver News, I’m your girl Renee Ariel and I’ll see ya next time!

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