Kris Jenner Reveals Tradition Kylie Passed Onto Stormi, Khloe & Lamar + More Family Secrets

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Kris tweeted about the episode with a sneak peak video. QUOTE, “
Don’t miss my episode of ‘OBJECTified’ with #harveylevin tonight at 8p ET on Fox News Channel! #Objectified

Kris Jenner revealed that when her children were born, they were all dressed in a matching gown and bonnet, but even sweeter than that was the fact that when Stormi was dressed to go home she was put in the same gown and bonnet as Kylie was when she was born.

She told Harvey QUOTE, "I gave all of her baby stuff to her when she got pregnant with Stormi and Stormi wore it home from the hospital.”

She talked about meeting Caitlyn Jenner and having Kendall and Kylie. Kris explained QUOTE, “"I still had that dream of six kids. I really wanted more babies."

But she did discuss the relationship that Caitlyn had with her previous children early on in their marriage saying QUOTE, “Kourtney [Kardashian] wore black for a year.”

Getting more into the present day they talked about Khloe’s marriage to Lamar. Funnily enough, Kris had no worried about that marriage. She explained that it felt very natural and that she was actually in love with Lamar for her daughter. She remembers the beginning stages of their relationship very fondly describing it as QUOTE, “such a great time in all of our lives.”

She shared how Khloe is doing now after the whirlwind of drama following the birth of her daughter True with Tristan Thompson saying QUOTE, “She's great! Yeah! Really, really, really great. [Khloe is] loving being a mom,"

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