Kylie Jenner REVEALS When She'll Let Stormi Wear Makeup & Does NOT Compete With Kim

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Kris Jenner may have been cool with Kylie wearing makeup at a young age, but we’re not so sure if Kylie will allow her daughter to do the same.

Kylie is without a doubt a cool mom, but is she cool with Stormi wearing make up?

The obvious answer to that is duh, of course! But the real question is when? On Wednesday, Vogue blessed us all with a makeup tutorial video that was recorded by none other than Kylie Jenner. In the tutorial, Kylie shared a bunch of her makeup tips and secrets with the world, but makeup wasn’t all she talked about.
While beating her face, Kylie opened up about her passion for cosmetics and revealed that Kris was really the one who allowed Ky to be creative and beautify herself through her amazing makeup collection.

After reminiscing about her early makeup days Kylie went on to reveal whether or not she’d allow Stormi to the same.

Somehow, we’re just not surprised by that response.
Aside from speaking on Stormi, Kylie casually revealed during the eyeshadow portion of her video that she and Jordyn live together. And the one thing Kylie loves about having her BFF as a roomie? Being able to test out new products and colors on her.

Obviously Kylie has a bunch of friends she can test new colors on, but if she ever finds herself in need of someone, I’d like to volunteer as tribute.

Ky also touched on some of the rumors of her and Kim competing against each other in the past and revealed that there’s just no competition between her and her half-sister. So all that pitting sister against sister stuff can just stop.

I don’t know about you but we need more Kylie tutorial videos, STAT.

What did you guys think of all of these secrets Kylie revealed during the video? Let me know which one surprised you the most and what your favorite parts of the beauty secrets video are in the comment section below.

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