Parson James - Temple (Official Video)

Parson James ist die Stimme von Kygos Hit "Stole The Show". Zu seinem Song "Temple" gibt es nun das offizielle Musikvideo. Viel Spaß!

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Oh, lordy, I wish it was just some day
But it's another Sunday
Oh, lordy, the people here, they all say
That I'm making a mistake
Oh, lordy, they're whispering my name now
Putting it to flames now
Oh, lordy, what is it that I've done to become the bad one?

I've been so shaken, grace ain't been amazing
Tell me what's a man to do?
I done heard your message
I ain't got no blessings
Fire starting on the roof
And it's about time to say

Hold up, why is this devil on my shoulder?
Hell must've got a little colder
But, hell, I got bolder
Na na na, hey now
Been too quiet, I'mma get loud
You want me in the temple with my head down
But I'm up now
Singing like ooh, ooh, he-e-ey, he-e-ey
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