Rihanna CALLS OUT Trump Over Puerto Rico Response

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Riri is on fire and using her fame to help hurricane victims. This situation is personal for Rihanna, who’s Bajan and feels deeply connected to the people of the Caribbean. Like her, this story is particularly difficult for ME. My family is from the Caribbean. My own grandma’s nursing home has had no power. She had to be undressed down to her panties- in her 90s- while volunteers fanned her so she wouldn’t die of heat stroke. The situation is DIRE. That’s why celebs are slamming Trump for his inaction and disparaging comments about Puerto Ricans being the cause of their misfortune… This guy’s gonna give me an aneurism. Rihanna has jumped into the conversation and is firing shots! She tweeted out a photo of a New York Daily News cover that reads, "No food, no water, no power no medical care for the dying ... Puerto Rico needs more help, Mr. President!" With the photo she tweeted, "Dear @realDonaldTrump I know you've probably already seen this, but I just wanted to make sure! Don't let your people die like this." Many fans supported Riri's call out. One wrote, "Rih really woke and knows how to use her voice for the better." Another replied, "I think It would be better for the country if you run it. That guy is even a worse president than ours. And that's a lot." I don’t know where he’s from but I probably agree with him. And this isn't the first time Rihanna has tried getting Trump's attention. She has tagged him in several tweets about Puerto Rico over the past couple of days. On September 8 she wrote, "on my knees just praying for my Caribbean people this morning!! My heart goes out to you in a time like this!!! #HurricaneIrma." She’s sent Trump links and news articles. Is he hearing any of it. Who knows. This week Trump said about PR QUOTE "This is a thing called the Atlantic Ocean, this is tough stuff.” The response on Twitter was… amazing. Someone wrote, “There's this thing we have called THE US NAVY @realDonaldTrump they handle that big blue wobbly thing called The Atlantic all the time.” Someone else wrote “He can't get timely humanitarian aid to Puerto Rico because of the Atlantic Ocean? Does he understand we have ships in the United States?” My favorite was “Damn Obama left The Atlantic Ocean problem for Trump to deal with.” Look, I get it. Some of you hate Trump. Some of you love him. However our feelings may differ- we MUST unite for Puerto Rico and send them an avalanche of support. Do you agree? How do you think Trump is handling Puerto Rico and all the other natural disasters to affect our neighbors in the south? Let me know, tweet a girl. If you don’t follow me it’s @Miriamisa or on IG @Miriam_isa. I’m Miriam Isa and see you soon.

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