Sebastien & Boy Tedson - Music In You (Official Lyric Video)

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Like the iconic scene from The Fifth Element where the Diva Plavalaguna dies, and it turns out that the stones are actually *in* her, like, inside her actually body, The Bearded Man once had the music in him. And let us tell you folks, that sh** was mighty painful. I mean, music can barely be contained as it is. If you’ve ever stood next to a subwoofer wall at a festival, you know how loud and intense music can be. Imagine that 24/7, coming from *inside* you… It was a freaking nightmare. Doctors say it probably happened while he was swimming in the Amazon — must have been a parasite of some kind that wormed its way into his gut and began growing. A few years ago, The Bearded Man underwent a massive operation to remove the music from him. The operation was a success, but the doctors said that a small piece of the music would still always be inside of him and that he could never truly get rid of it. The only logical outcome was to create a record label, release some of the musical pressure a little bit at a time, and enlist the help of Sebastien & Boy Tedson to make sure things went as smoothly as possible.

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