Sebastien feat. Micheal Lynch - Give It Up For U (Official Lyric Video)

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It’s a tragic moment, isn’t it? When a crush asks you to change. Just when things were going so well, too… The Bearded Man has often been told to shave various parts of his body, and he’s also been told, in no particular order, to: stop drinking, smoking, watching anime, playing Candy Crush, gambling, to start bathing, start waking up before noon, wear a shirt, get a job, get a better job, quit his dead-end job and follow his dreams. Man, life is tough. Still, if there’s one thing you can say about The Bearded Man, it’s that he’s always remained true to himself, in spite of *overwhelming* pressure to conform. Call it a strength, call it a weakness, it is what it is. But if there’s one thing The Bearded Man, with his full-length beard and facial hair - with his giant, bushy, powerful beard - will NEVER give up for a girl, it’s - you guessed it - it’s his love of Magic: The Gathering.

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